Website Redesign for Shepley Bulfinch, 2009

In what became a crucial component of a longer term strategic rebranding this firm, the redesigned website for Shepley Bulfinch helped change the value proposition of the firm from architectural services, to services and design. The site adopted a clean approach focused on showcasing projects and photography with plenty of white space and and classical proportions. As Creative Director my role was to develop and oversee strategy, contribute to the design, lead creative direction, project manage and assist with content development.

The new website and the strategic rebranding of the firm helped lead to the firm’s from one office in Boston—to multiple offices across the US. In 2018 the Shepley Bulfinch website and branding was wonferfully updated by Tammy Dayton and her team at moth.

Dan Vlahos and —

Jennifer Jonsson, Project Manager
Pamela Scheideler, Project Manager
Steven Potter, Design Direction
Josh Pryor, Web Development
Terri Evans, Communications
Adam Larson, Contributing Designer
Paulo Lopez, Contributing Designer
Erin Deeley, Contributing Designer


Rebrand 100 Global Awards, 2008
Best in Class, Interactive Media Council, 2009

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