Lean Tools, Card Set for Shepley Bulfinch, 2014.

Getting architects, designers, and clients excited and interested in process improvement methodologies such as “Lean” was a real challenge. Our team at Shepley Bulfinch needed to make concepts such as inventory management and waste reduction seem not only effective but approachable, viable, and interesting. To do so, we designed a modular set of ten colorful, 2-sided “flash” cards with eye-catching diagrams/infographics on one side—and concept descriptions on the other. Encased in a custom-designed belly band, these cards have been used as both a highly successful in-house educational tool and in workshops with clients. Easy-to-understand information graphics and straightforward plain language writing make these complex concepts easy to grasp.

The ten lean-themed cards included:

  • Key Lean Terms
  • Payoff Matrix
  • 5 Whys
  • CEDAC or “Fishbone”
  • Waste Walk
  • Score Card
  • Takt Time Calculation
  • Value Stream Map
  • 5S Levels of Achievement
  • Spaghetti Diagram

FILED IN: Graphic Design