CMYKW, Acrylic on Birch Wood Panels and Canvas (Series), Various Sizes, 2000–2015.

CMYKW, the four colors traditionally used in offset lithography (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) plus white represent the highly limited color palette used in this long standing series of acrylic paintings. Using monoprinting techniques and then over time painting with brayers and palette knives the paintings were oftentimes partially or fully sanded and then repainted over after the painting was dry. This process was often repeated many times sometimes over long periods of time.

The paintings are partially inspired by the photography work of Jurek Wajdowicz and the 2005 exhibition The Shape of Colour: Excursions in Color Field Art held at the Art Gallery of Ontario. I became interested in Color Field paintings in my art history and studio art courses at MassArt in the late 1990s. Color Field paintings are generally characterized by large fields of flat or solid color spread across the surface creating an unbroken and flat picture plane.

Most of these works were created while listening to jazz music—especially live improvisational works by the American pianist Keith Jarrett. Several of the paintings pay direct homage to Jarrett and his work. Whenever possible the paintings were made outdoors or in nature—usually with the canvas or surface placed parallel to the surface/ground rather than on an easel or stand.


Sold at auction and private sale.