Promotional Posters for the Merrimack College Visual and Performing Arts Speaker Series, 2022.

Merrimack College’s Department of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) has a long history of welcoming outside artists, designers, and performers to engage with students, faculty, and the broader Merrimack community. The Fall 2022 semester was no exception, with three exceptional guest speakers sharing their experiences and advice with our students.

From 2017 on, I served as the Departmental coordinator and organizer of this series. The Fall 2022 series was truly special as we were finally allowed to bring in-person speakers back to campus. The Fall 2022 series was hosted within my Introduction to Visual and Performing Arts course. The three speakers included Suzanne McKenzie; a fashion designer/entrepreneur, Dennis Svoronos; a new-media artist/sculptor, and Jim Felker; a music educator/performer. Each speaker is briefly profiled below, with noteworthy comments and reflections provided by students and faculty alike. Their talks are summarized here.


Graphic Designer and Coordinator: Dan Vlahos

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