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Art Direction and Design, 2000-2005

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For over five years (while at Arnold Worldwide) I served as an Art Director and Designer for Volkswagen as part of the legendary Drivers Wanted campaign under the direction of Alan Pafenbach, Clif Wong and Chris Bradley. In studio I directed hundreds of product shots with Bill Cash and Brian Garland and photographed on location with Planet Moore, Christoph Morlinghaus, Micheal Mclaughlin, Smari Asmundsson along with countless others.

My design projects included brochures, ads, websites, infographics, promotions, dealership and autoshow displays.

It's hard to believe that when I started in 2000 none of the photography was shot digitally. Long are the days of the photographer presenting fresh Polaroids to the art director for approval, many of which I would immediately scan and place into my layouts. I still have many of the originals which I've kept for nostalgic reasons.

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Volkswagen Art Direction and Design