Dan Vlahos

Shepley Bulfinch

Summer Design Fellowship Poster, 2009

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In promoting the Shepley Bulfinch Summer Design Fellowship this Boston-based firm went from sending nearly every architecture school in North America a tabloid size color copy flier to full-size posters wonderfully designed by world class graphic designers including Pentagram, Non-Format, Experimental Jetset and Build. For the 2009 poster we decided to create an abstract graphic depicting the Summer Fellow disrupting the firm. This started by drawing a slightly anthropomorphic, vertically oriented golden ellipse comprised of 149 black lines (one for each employee radiating from the center) and one last line in red (representing the Fellow). The black linework was then "grouped" and horizontally pulled over itself, allowing the shorter red line to bisect the composition.

At the time of its design I was reading The Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda, who I later came to befriend while he was at the nearby MIT Media Lab. The final 22" x 34" 2-color poster was printed at Kirkwood Printing. The poster was recognized with a Best of New England Design Award from the AIGA.

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Shepley Bulfinch Fellowship Poster