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The Shepley Bulfinch Blue Journal, 2011-2014

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As a long standing tradition Shepley Bulfinch reaches out to clients in an annual mailing. For years, this took the form of a signed card or letter, accompanied by a commemorative poster. Over time, what started as a holiday gesture became an important statement that exemplified the firm's core values. In my time with the firm those values shifted, from a monolithic focus on the past to a vibrant focus on the future with creativity, co-creation and problem solving brought to the fore. In this spirit, the gift of a journal seemed like a wonderfully apt gesture. In her always optimistic letter to clients Carole Wedge would remind them that "the future is yours to create."

Despite the vastness and speed of digital tools and media many of our best ideas are still often captured in legacy formats. In our brainstorming we also discovered a lineage of "blue books" that date back to the 15th century, when large blue velvet-covered books were used for record keeping by the English Parliament. In this long tradition we designed our own, lightly branded, locally and sustainably produced Shepley Bulfinch blue journal. Each year the journal changes just slightly with the end leave patterns changing to match a theme.

The journals are made using 100% recycled paper processed chlorine-free and are bound in natural linen. The paper is also processed with 100% renewable energy and the brown craft packaging can also be reused as a pen/pencil holder. The journals are impeccably produced at Kirkwood Printing and are bound at Acme.

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Shepley Bulfinch Blue Journal