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MassArt Auction Branding, 2004-2012

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With the MassArt auction the challenge was to help elevate the auction from a well-attended local event to a nationally recognized venue for contemporary artworks, thus bolstering the broader MassArt "brand."

For 8 years we designed the invitation, catalog, promotional materials, environmental graphics and gallery signage for what has become the college's premier annual fundraising event. In that time the event has grown to become one of the largest and most anticipated private art events in New England. Under the leadership of Laurie Savage, Hunter O'Hanian and others it became increasingly common to see MassArt student and faculty work auctioned alongside works by the most recognizable of internationally renowned artists.

It has become a bit of a tradition to have young talent from MassArt's Graphic Design program assume responsibility guiding the project with Tom Davis ('76) and others before me and Bryant Ross ('04) leading it now. Helping me with the project in my years were Jonathan Richard ('04) and Jeff Vlahos ('12).

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MassArt Auction Branding