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New 2016-17 Graduate Work

Graduate Work

Dynamic Media Institute, 2016-2017

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The projects I have completed in the Dynamic Media Institute MFA program at MassArt envision new tools, systems and heuristics centered upon interactive multimodal learning experiences. These experiences seek to reimagine and recontextualize the relationship between learners, educators and peers across a range of learning environments, and within a series of tightly interrelated themes. These themes include multimodal learning, dynamic systems, encouraging participation and aiding expression.

The working title of my thesis is an appropriation of legendary design educator Steven Heller’s anthology, The Education of a Graphic Designer but I have provocatively swapped out “Graphic” and replaced it with “Communication.” This is largely an acknowledgment of a personal shift over these two years, from a previous focus on the “graphic” (or visual) to a wider range of approaches to designing multi-sensory experiences and communication. These new approaches utilize software, sound, speech, touch, motion and video. This shift does not abandon the “graphic” but rather carries it forward within the refreshingly broader identity of communication.

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